Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight Review: Only For Pleasure Lovers

When it comes to sexual pleasure, humans are visual beings. While modeled with the same unique design specifically for male pleasure as other Fleshlights, the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight has one additional feature. Men are able to watch their arousal increase as his penis moves in and out of the pleasure zones through the crystal clear sleeve and case. The enhanced visual stimulation is sure to take your orgasm to a whole new level.

Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight Review

The Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight offers the visual stimulation men need to really enjoy their orgasm. Through the clear shaft it is possible to see the penis react to each ridge, nub and massager that is found inside the masturbation sleeve. The mouth opening is modeled after real female lips to provide the most authentic feeling during self-pleasure. Each Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight sleeve is made from the patented Superskin. This life-like material is non-toxic and phthalate free; it is also resistant to losing its elasticity with regular use.

Why Will You Buy Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight

When you buy the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight, you are receiving more than a great sex toy for men. Each Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight is backed by the reputation and ingenuity of the Fleshlight Brand. Since 1995 this company has been transforming the way men are able to experience self-pleasure. Each product is designed to offer a life-like sensation for a pleasure experience that is comparable to the real thing.

Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight Review – How To Use

The discrete design of the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight allows men to keep it handy everywhere they go. Simply unscrew the cap to get started with the ultimate sexual experience. It is important to use lubrication whenever using the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight. This will prevent chaffing or rough passage though the pleasure zones. Use your hand to move the sleeve up and down the penis. Watch the way your penis responds to each textured zone. When you have reached your orgasm, remove the sleeve of the product and clean it thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

Allow the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight to dry completely before putting the sleeve back into the holster. Doing so will prevent the development of mold, mildew or bacteria in the crevices of the pleasure zones. Avoid any cleaners that are designed for “all-purpose” or contain heavy chemicals as they may ruin the Superskin. Choosing a simple, water-based lubricant is always the best choice for your Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight. The company also produces its own line of lubricants and cleaners that you can choose from.

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