Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina Review To Show The Real Face Of This Product

Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina review – “Realistic Vagina” means not real, very close to real yet better than real when you need to hook a tight pussy or ass in doggy style very BADLY and no chick is available for you. You are smart enough to understand what a Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina of 7 POUNDS weight can do when your lil monster is hungry. That’s right it’s huge and heavy just like a real girl. This Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina review will discuss about the features, satisfactory sides and issues of realistic vagina. Bang it in doggy style or take it on you, your wish will be fulfilled this time!

Features of this Realistic Vagina from Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina Review

Main features you will enjoy are:

  • Heavy weights of 7 pounds, which will make you feel like you are banging a real chick in doggy style!
  • Molded from a model so the shape, structure inside the pussy and ass are sensitive for your cock. Made of soft yet strong enough to give you real feeling of hooking a chick with tight pussy. The semi flexible plastic with cyber skin makes it soft yet tight ;)
  • A tight pussy with a tight ass hole is available in the same Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina. Switch shuffle anytime until your are 100% satisfied. No compromise with pleasure. Tips from Mangasm DSRV Realistic Vagina review: A heavy Mangasm Realistic Vagina in doggy style = happy cock guaranteed!

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